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Our Story



E Komo Mai is a greeting often used in Hawai'i to welcome someone in your home and at Hawaiian Style Bakery we want you to feel that same warm welcoming feeling from the first 'ono (delicious) bite to the last---which may all be the same bite, we don't judge.

 Hawaiian Style Bakery is dedicated to bringing the unique and genuine desserts of Hawai'i to the "mainland" or the contiguous U.S.  Hawai'i is a melting pot where so many cultures have influenced the cuisine. Texture and taste are serious business back home---because if it isn't hitting all the sensory levels then why the heck would anyone eat it? At Hawaiian Style Bakery we are all about giving you a GENUINE and AUTHENTIC experience of Hawai'i---from the red palaka print in our logo to the buttery chewy decadence of our Haole Brownies--everything about Hawaiian Style Bakery is the real deal.
In 2021 Hawaiian Style Bakery was approached by Mo'Bettahs Hawaiian Foods to begin a unique partnership to be the vendor of traditional Hawaiian desserts like Guava and Chantilly cake. It was ideal because these are two companies owned by Native Hawaiians from the hometown of Kane'ohe on the island of O'ahu. Both companies operate in the Hawaiian value system. Both companies put quality first. And both companies produce authentic foods you would eat in Hawai'i. And so began the Hawaiian Style Wholesale Bakery.
In Hawai'i dessert is celebrated and really great bakeries are in no shortage. And Hawaiian Style Bakery wants to bring that same quality to your restaurant and to you individually!
When you eat anything from Hawaiian Style Bakery, you are having a real Hawaiian dessert that would be served in a real Hawaiian home---
so E Komo Mai and enjoy a real taste of Hawai'i!