About Us


E Komo Mai is a greeting often used in Hawai'i to welcome someone in your home and at Hawaiian Style Bakery we want you to feel that same warm welcoming feeling from the first 'ono (delicious) bite to the last---which may all be the same bite, we don't judge.

Hawaiian Style Bakery is dedicated to bringing the unique and genuine desserts of Hawai'i to Arizona. Hawai'i is a melting pot where so many cultures have influenced the cuisine. Texture and taste are serious business back home---because if it isn't hitting all the sensory levels then why the heck would anyone eat it? At Hawaiian Style Bakery we are all about giving you a GENUINE and AUTHENTIC experience of Hawai'i---from the red palaka print in our logo to the buttery chewy decadence of our mochis---everything about Hawaiian Style Bakery is the real deal because the COO (Chief 'Ono Officer) was born and raised in Hawai'i herself.
Michelle Kaehuokalani Trejo (or Ehulani as known by family) is from Kane'ohe Hawai'i and although she relocated to Arizona some years ago she has not left her roots at all. She has raised her family in the mainland with the Hawaiian values of aloha (love), kupono (integrity), kuleana (accountability), kokua (help others), mahalo (gratitude),  and hana (work). She is the daughter of a master baker, Eleanor Kekuewa, who managed bakeries in Hawai'i and is a local legend for her quick bread creations, of which the HSB brand Aunty Ellies Roadside Breads is derived. Michelle is a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu and received her Bachelors degree in Business and Communication from Arizona State University. She went on to build a successful career in Organizational Development. In her pastime Michelle baked and cooked for many friends, family, church and community events over the years building a credible name for not only her homemade dishes and desserts but also her event management and organizational skills. After going back and forth between a few business ideas she decided to stick with the one that had been sitting in her head for 7 years---she decided to go with what she knows best---making people feel good with some onolicious food in their bellies.
Michelle shares that "In Hawai'i dessert is celebrated and really great bakeries are in no shortage. Actually, to say 'really great bakeries' seems so disrespectful because these places are legendary. Places like Deluxe Pastry in my hometown---their custard danish is life! Seriously---life! So upon moving here to Arizona in 2000 it was shocking when there were no bakeries like the ones back home. Don't get me wrong, there are many great small businesses that offer incredible products in Arizona, but I couldn't get my Guava Chiffon, Chantilly or Haupia cakes; I longed for my favorite custard pastries and pies (no one does custard like Hawaiian bakeries); there was no Mochi (a Japanese favorite), no chocolate haupia pie or coconut turnovers. I just wanted dessert from back home! And that is how this all began!"
When you eat anything from Hawaiian Style Bakery, you are having a real Hawaiian dessert that would be served in a real Hawaiian home---
so E Komo Mai and enjoy a real taste of Hawai'i!