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October 20, 2020 3 min read


Chocolate and coconut have a relationship that goes back to long before this pie.

The Peter Paul candy company introduced the Mounds candy bar in 1920, making it 100 years old this year. They continued down this chocolate-coconut magic with the Almond Joy candy bar in 1946.

Over the course of time we find the chocolate-coconut mix at See's Candies, Lindt Chocolates and a handful of other candy makers; but no one nails it like a small little bakery in Sunset Beach, O'ahu, Hawai'i called Ted's Bakery.

While I want to be very transparent from the beginning here...when I use the history in the title of this post, I am not referring to a detailed and heavily researched history---I am basically referring to my history with this pie and what I know to be the history of Ted's Bakery.

My first recollection of this pie was probably about 1 or 2 years after my oldest son was born, so around 1996 or 1997. I was working at St. Francis medical Center West in hospital admissions. And if there is anyone from Hawai'i reading this post you already know what I am about to say is can find the most amazing food at work, because...well that is just how it is in Hawai'i.

Well there was an order form circulating from this bakery in the North Shore called Ted's Bakery and that list was a list of the most amazing pie flavors I had ever seen. My co-workers urged me to buy the Chocolate Haupia Pie because apparently it made you so deliriously filled with joy that you basically forgot your own name.

So naturally, I ordered it---delivery day came and I went outside to see a large box refrigerated truck from which we would claim our treasures. As a small bakery business owner I look back on that memory with a smile as I have done the same to get my pies out there in circulation. The hustle is real everyone!

I remember taking my first bite and thinking "this is pie heaven." It was the most amazing balance between chocolate and coconut. I mean haupia (Hawaiian coconut dessert pudding) on it's own was always a favorite o mine at lu'au but now it was paired with a creamy chocolate filling resting in a yummy crust and topped with whipped cream!

What baking warlock created this addictive concoction that I will now be a slave to? 

Well as I read up on this bakery---his name is Ted Nakamura! In 1956, his father Takemitsu Nakamura built the Sunset location and operated it as a grocery store until 1987 after which Ted turned it into Ted's Bakery; and right around my refrigerated box truck purchase experience was when he began to blow up out there and distribute across the island.

When I started this bakery I really wanted to share the best I could share from the legendary bakeries of bake homein Hawai'i nei and the Chocolate Haupia Pie from Ted's Bakery is certainly one of them and one of our biggest sellers.

Get your Thanksgiving Pie order in today! If you have not ordered one yet you need to---and definitely add it to your Thanksgiving table---it will definitely get gobbled up!



Michelle Ehulani Trejo
Michelle Ehulani Trejo

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