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June 25, 2019 3 min read




If any of you have had the good fortune to hang out with a bunch of Hawaiians at a party or come to a party hosted by Hawaiians, you know a few things:

  1. It is going to be a good time
  2. You WILL laugh
  3. The food will NEVER run out
  4. You are in for some REALLY GOOD FOOD  

There are several terms used in Hawai'i for large gatherings- Hoʻolauleʻa which is usually a large festival or celebration open to the public; Pāʻina which is a smaller party---usually a dinner party but also often to describe getting together with pupu (hearty appetizers) and drink or even office potlucks or sports potlucks. But perhaps the most common to all would be the lūʻau which really is a BIG party. Our local customs for lūʻau are graduations,  babies 1st birthdays, retirement, parents anniversaries and our kūpuna (elder generation) milestone birthdays. Another would be an 'ohana (family) pāʻina, which often includes many extended families and neighbors---and can quickly turn in to a small lūʻau! 

The foods at these parties are so good and so plentiful because not only does the host provide the meal but so does everyone coming and we are such a melting pot of ethnicities that the flavors are out of bounds! Korean, Japanese, Fiipino, Hawaiian, Portuguese---just so many yummies!

Something I love about parties back home is the sheer breadth of variety at a party buffet table--- so much sushi- cone sushi, maki sushi, spicy tuna roll---mmmmmm. And of course, sashimi and poke (raw fish) platters to die for---so fresh and so 'ono with hot rice. And rounding out the trifecta of Hawaiian party pupu would be the lumpia platters. Lumpia (loom-pee-yah) are Filipino spring rolls. It is best described in our testimonials as follows:

 "If Lumpia were music, they would be a little bit Mozart, mixed with Katie Perry, a dose of Imagine Dragons and some Pitbull. Lumpia are Filipino egg rolls, but not really much like an egg roll except that there is stuff inside a wrapper. Lumpia wrappers are flakier and crispier with far thinner layers. The insides are savory with meat as the main star and an orchestra of veggies like carrots, sprouts, onion and garlic. Nothing beats the flavor bomb that explodes in your mouth when you bite into a Hawaiian Style Bakery lumpia."

And after all of the various savory dishes come the desserts---Chantilly, Guava. Custard, Banana, Dobash, Lemon Crunch---so many flavors. Another staple of flavor and texture superiority is the potluck fave---Butter Mochi which is a soft mochiko flour dessert made with butter and a hint of coconut with a crunchy layer on top.  This favorite Hawaiian treat honors the traditional Japanese mochi--but in true Hawaiian form we took this dessert and put it on steroids! . And again no one describes it better than yet another testimonial on our website:

 "The Butter Mochi is, hands down, the best I've ever had. I am ADDICTED! The texture is spot on and the flavor is to die for! Every time I visit Hawai’i, I try to find a butter mochi that compares, and I am yet to succeed. Delicious!!!"

Needless to say---I miss the parties at home but have learned how to have a great party here in Arizona now! And you too can try all of this goodness through Hawaiian Style Bakery! This week we are offering 10% off your order using the code ONO10 at this week we have our legend frozen lumpia and our butter mochi both for delivery or pick up on 4th of July---just on time to be a huge hit at your party---or someone else's!

REMEMBER USE THE CODE ONO10 now and don't forget our 'onolicious catering for all of your parties!


Enjoy all of your pa'inas!

Michelle "Ehu" Trejo

Michelle Ehulani Trejo
Michelle Ehulani Trejo

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