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The Evolution of Queen Ellie

If you know me personally, then you that it is not uncommon to assign a friend or loved one a nickname. Sometimes I may give them to groups or families as a whole or individuals---but I do give them. Most everyone whom I feel comfortable with I call "brah", "dawg" or "homey". Then you may level up to "Homey G" or something similar. And then you move into full blown nicknames---my natural born kids have very definitive nicknames; and I won't put them on blast here---but as a trio they are 'The A Team". My 2 bonus sons are "TnT". And conversationally I call all my kids either brother or sister (a very Hawaiian trait.)  My friend Jeannie's husband, Phil,...

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Hawaiian Style Party 101

                                    If any of you have had the good fortune to hang out with a bunch of Hawaiians at a party or come to a party hosted by Hawaiians, you know a few things: It is going to be a good time You WILL laugh The food will NEVER run out You are in for some REALLY GOOD FOOD   There are several terms used in Hawai'i for large gatherings- Hoʻolauleʻa which is usually a large festival or celebration open to the public; Pāʻina which is a smaller party---usually a dinner party but also often to describe getting together with pupu (hearty appetizers) and drink or even office potlucks or sports potlucks. But perhaps the most common to all would...

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Aloha, Howzit and Hello!

In Hawai'i we take things to a whole new sensory level--not only does it taste amazing but the textures are just as important and there is a visual presentation that is unique. 

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